Empowering Your Dreams: Exploring Adazi-Enu Microfinance Bank in Nigeria

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Adazi-Enu Microfinance Bank Limited, operating since 2008, stands as a pillar of financial inclusion in Nigeria.

By catering to individuals and entrepreneurs with limited access to traditional banking, they foster economic growth and empower dreams.

Let’s delve into the details of their loan products, eligibility, and how they can support your financial goals.

Types of Loan Products

Individual Loans: Personal loans for various needs like education, medical emergencies, or home improvement.

Microenterprise Loans: Supporting small businesses with working capital, equipment purchase, or inventory financing.

Group Loans: Empowering collective projects for groups with shared goals.

Loan Eligibility

Be a resident within Adazi-Enu’s operational area.

Submit valid identification documents (ID card, passport).

Possess a clear and viable business plan for microenterprise loans.

Demonstrate good credit history (if applicable).

Interest Rates and Fees

Competitive interest rates tailored to individual loan products and circumstances.

Transparent fee structure outlined in loan agreements.

Repayment Terms and Conditions

Flexible repayment options to suit your income and cash flow.

Clear communication on due dates, penalties, and grace periods.

Customer Service

Dedicated staff available to address your queries and concerns.

Personalized approach to understand your unique needs and goals.

Loan Application Process

Visit the Adazi-Enu Microfinance Bank branch. Online applications are currently unavailable.

Meet with a loan officer to discuss your requirements and choose a suitable product.

Submit the necessary documentation and application form.

Await assessment and loan approval decision.

Upon approval, finalize loan agreements and receive disbursement.

Loan Repayment Options

Visit the bank branch to make cash payments.

Utilize designated bank accounts for electronic transfers.


What collateral is required for loans?

Collateral requirements vary depending on the loan product and individual circumstances. Consult the bank for specific details.

Do you offer loan restructuring options?

In case of unforeseen financial difficulties, Adazi-Enu Microfinance Bank may offer restructuring options on a case-by-case basis. Discuss this with your loan officer.

What are the opening hours of the bank branch?

Contact the bank directly for current branch operating hours.

Can I receive my loan disbursement electronically?

Disbursements typically occur through cash or designated bank accounts. Discuss alternative options with the bank during the application process

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