Empowering Your Dreams: Unveiling Achina Microfinance Bank Limited

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Nestled in the heart of Aguata, Anambra State, Achina Microfinance Bank Limited has emerged as a beacon of financial support for individuals and small businesses in Nigeria.

Established in 2008, Achina Microfinance caters to the underserved, unlocking opportunities for growth and development through its diverse loan products and services.

Achina Microfinance recognizes the unique needs of each borrower. That’s why they offer a variety of loan products tailored to different purposes:

Group Loans: Ideal for communities and self-help groups seeking collective financial support for various ventures.

Individual Loans: Cater to individual needs, supporting personal growth, business expansion, and asset acquisition.

Salary Advance Loans: Bridge the gap between paydays with convenient and timely financial assistance.

Eligibility and Requirements

To qualify for an Achina Microfinance loan, you must meet specific criteria:

Be a resident of Nigeria within Achina’s operational area.

Possess a valid means of identification and proof of residence.

Demonstrate a viable business plan or clear purpose for the loan (for business loans).

Maintain a good credit history (if applicable).

Rates and Fees Explained

Achina Microfinance is committed to transparent and competitive rates and fees. However, as loan terms are determined individually, it’s crucial to visit the bank directly for personalized information. Remember, interest rates and fees are subject to change, so staying updated is essential.


Repayment terms are also determined on a case-by-case basis, ensuring flexibility and alignment with your individual circumstances. Achina Microfinance prioritizes responsible borrowing and works with borrowers to establish manageable repayment plans.

Customer Service that Cares

Achina Microfinance understands that exceptional customer service is paramount. Their dedicated team is readily available to address your inquiries, concerns, and provide guidance throughout your loan journey. Feel free to visit their branch or contact them directly for personalized assistance.

The Loan Application Process

As Achina Microfinance currently doesn’t offer online applications, the loan application process is handled directly at their branch. Visit their office in Achina, Aguata LGA, Anambra State, to initiate the process. Their friendly staff will guide you through the necessary steps and documentation required.

Loan Repayment Options

Achina Microfinance offers various convenient and secure loan repayment options to ease the process:

Cash deposits at the bank branch.

Bank transfers directly to Achina Microfinance’s account.


What documents are required for a loan application?

Contact Achina Microfinance directly for a comprehensive list of required documents, as they may vary depending on the loan type and your individual circumstances.

Can I apply for a loan online?

Currently, Achina Microfinance only accepts loan applications in person at their branch.

What are the opening hours of the bank branch?

Visit the Achina Microfinance website or contact them directly for their current branch operating hours.

Can I get a loan extension in case of unforeseen circumstances?

Achina Microfinance understands that unforeseen situations can arise. Contact them directly to discuss your situation and explore potential solutions, including loan extensions

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