Health Technology and Nursing Schools in Bauchi State

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Bauchi State, located in northern Nigeria, boasts several reputable institutions offering education in health technology and nursing.

Below is a comprehensive list of polytechnics in the state that provide training in these fields:

1. Abubakar Tatari Ali Polytechnic, Bauchi

This institution offers various programs in health technology and nursing, emphasizing practical skills development and clinical experience. With modern facilities and experienced faculty, students receive quality training to excel in the healthcare industry.

2. Federal Polytechnic, Bauchi

Renowned for its commitment to academic excellence, the Federal Polytechnic in Bauchi offers comprehensive programs in health technology and nursing. Its state-of-the-art laboratories and clinical facilities ensure that students receive hands-on training to prepare them for their future careers.

3. State College of Health Science and Technology, Ningi

Dedicated to producing highly skilled healthcare professionals, this institution offers specialized programs in health technology and nursing. Students benefit from a supportive learning environment and practical training opportunities in various healthcare settings.

4. School of Health Technology, Ningi

With a focus on community health and primary care, the School of Health Technology in Ningi prepares students to address healthcare challenges in rural areas.

Its comprehensive curriculum and experienced faculty contribute to the overall academic excellence of the institution.


What are the admission requirements for these institutions?

Admission requirements typically include a minimum of five O-level credits in relevant subjects, including Mathematics, English, and the Sciences. Additional requirements may vary by program and institution.

Are there scholarship opportunities available for students?

Yes, some institutions offer scholarship opportunities based on academic merit or financial need. Prospective students are encouraged to inquire directly with the respective institutions for more information on available scholarships.

Do these schools provide accommodation for students?

Many schools offer accommodation options for students, either on-campus or through affiliated housing facilities. Availability may vary, and students are advised to make inquiries regarding accommodation during the admissions process.

What career opportunities are available after graduation?

Graduates from these institutions can pursue diverse career paths in healthcare settings such as hospitals, clinics, community health centers, and government agencies. Job roles include registered nurses, medical laboratory technicians, pharmacy technicians, and more.

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