Health Technology and Nursing Schools in Benue State

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Benue State, located in the heart of Nigeria, boasts a rich educational landscape, particularly in the realm of health technology and nursing.

Let’s delve into some of the prominent institutions shaping the healthcare sector in this region.

1. College of Health Sciences and Technology, Agasha

Nestled in the serene town of Agasha, this institution stands as a beacon of excellence in health sciences education. With state-of-the-art facilities and a dedicated faculty, it offers comprehensive programs in nursing, medical laboratory science, and other allied health fields.

2. College of Health Technology, Otukpo

Renowned for its holistic approach to healthcare education, the College of Health Technology in Otukpo stands out for its emphasis on practical training and community outreach.

Students here gain hands-on experience through clinical rotations and community health projects, preparing them to address real-world health challenges.

3. School of Nursing, Makurdi

Situated in the bustling city of Makurdi, this institution has carved a niche for itself in nursing education. With a rigorous curriculum and a focus on research-driven practices, it equips students with the knowledge and skills to deliver quality patient care in diverse healthcare settings.

4. School of Health Technology, Gboko

Known for its commitment to innovation and professional development, the School of Health Technology in Gboko offers a range of programs designed to meet the evolving needs of the healthcare industry.

From health information management to environmental health technology, students here are groomed to become leaders in their respective fields.


Are these institutions accredited?

Yes, all the mentioned institutions are duly accredited by relevant regulatory bodies, ensuring that their programs meet national standards for quality education in health technology and nursing.

What are the admission requirements?

Admission requirements vary by institution and program, but generally include academic qualifications, entrance exams, and sometimes interviews or practical assessments. Prospective students are encouraged to contact the institutions directly for detailed information.

Do these institutions offer scholarships or financial aid?

Some institutions may offer scholarships or financial aid opportunities to eligible students based on merit or need. It’s advisable for students to inquire about available options during the application process.

How can I apply for admission?

Each institution has its own application process, which typically involves completing an application form, submitting required documents, and paying an application fee. Specific instructions can be found on the institution’s website or obtained by contacting their admissions office.


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