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How to get complete jamb CBT pass Question and answer.

Hello everyone, we published this post in order to help the candidate that are going to write Jamb CBT for the 2022. To help them get all the pass Question and answer.
We think this will enable the candidate to prepare well for the upcoming jamb CBT that are going to hold very soon.
As we all know the Jamb question are always taking the previous question as a current Question each year. This means every year the don’t designed a new Questions but also choose among the previous/pass one.

So we provide this Application which will help each candidate that they’re going to write a jamb 2022.

After long observation about this Application we finally describe is a good and very helpful Application for all the candidate that they’re going to write Jamb.

You might once thinks how some others candidate score 250+ 300+ or something else in their jamb score.
So let me tell you the secret most of them reads the pass Question every hard, which enable that to score very high.
So don’t wast your time download this application to be able to exploit this opportunity.

The category of Application.

  1. There are CBT practice where you get all the pass Question paper from the year 2004/2005 upto date, but you must remember you will only get few pass Question of some selected year not all the years.
  2. Study pass Question, there are also part in which you will study all the pass Question. From 2004/2005 up to 2021 jamb pass Question.
  3. Quiz Game there are also quiz game part in which you will answer the question for the subject you want to answer.
  4. Jamb library text. In this part there are also all the pass test book which has been issued by jamb. As you already know each year jamb propose a novel which will be Question in English and you must read and answer them.

List of the subject you will find in the application.

  1. English,
  2. Mathematics,
  3. Physics,
  4. Chemistry,
  5. Biology,
  6. Government,
  7. Literature in English,
  8. Commerce,
  9. Financial accounting,
  10. Commerce
  11. IRS,
  12. CRK.

Click here to download the application.

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