How to save money on school sports and activities

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School sports and activities are amazing for kids: they build confidence, teach teamwork, and keep them active.

But let’s face it, the costs can add up faster than a sprinting track star! Don’t worry, budget-conscious parents, there are ways to keep your wallet happy and your kids cheering.

Here’s your cheat sheet to saving on school sports and activities:

Secondhand Swag: Skip the shiny, brand-new gear and embrace the “gently used” life! Check out consignment shops, online marketplaces, and even friendly hand-me-downs for gently used equipment. Bonus points for local options – you can inspect the gear and support your community.

DIY Decor: Show off your team spirit with homemade pom-poms, banners, and face paint. It’s a fun family activity that saves money and doubles as quality bonding time. Plus, nobody else will have your unique masterpiece!

Snack Smart: Instead of buying overpriced stadium snacks, pack healthy and yummy alternatives. Sandwiches, fruit salad, and homemade cookies will keep your kids fueled and your bank account happy.

Think Inside (and Outside) the Box

Free and Cheap Alternatives: Many schools offer free intramural sports or clubs. Local parks and rec centers often have affordable classes and activities. Plus, exploring new interests can be just as rewarding as competitive team sports.

Multi-Season Sports: Opt for sports with overlapping seasons like swimming and soccer. This allows you to reuse equipment and avoid starting from scratch every few months.

Sibling Power: If you have multiple kids, look for sports with family discounts or teams where siblings can play together. Sharing the love (and the costs) can save you a bundle.

Be a Strategic Supporter

Ask About Scholarships and Financial Aid: Don’t assume you can’t afford certain activities. Many schools and organizations offer financial assistance to families in need. Just ask – you might be surprised at what’s available.

Volunteer Your Time: Volunteering as a coach, concession stand worker, or team parent can often offset some of the participation fees. It’s a great way to stay involved and show your support.

Fundraising Fun: Get creative! Organize car washes, bake sales, or themed spirit days to raise money for your kids’ team or activity. It’s a fun community-building exercise and can significantly reduce the financial burden.


What if my child wants to play a more expensive sport?

 Prioritize their interests and explore ways to make it work. Look for scholarship opportunities, secondhand equipment deals, and budget-friendly leagues. Remember, your support and encouragement are more valuable than the fanciest gear.

How can I encourage my child to try new, cheaper activities? 

Focus on their interests and talents. Explore free trial classes, community events, and online resources. You might discover a hidden passion for music, martial arts, or even robot building!

What if I can’t afford any activities at all?

 Talk to your school or local community center. They may offer free or low-cost programs, or know of resources available to help families in need. Don’t hesitate to ask – there’s help available.

Is it worth sacrificing activities to save money? 

Consider the overall value. If activities are causing significant financial stress, it might be time to take a break. Focus on quality family time and exploring free or low-cost options. Remember, a happy and healthy family is priceless, regardless of fancy uniforms or trophies

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