JAMB Subject Combination for Agriculture

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Dreaming of a career cultivating the future of food?

Studying Agriculture opens doors to exciting possibilities in sustainable farming, animal science, food technology, and more!

To navigate your green odyssey, here’s your guide to acing the JAMB hurdles:

UTME Subject Combination

English Language: Essential for communication and comprehension across all disciplines.

Biology/Agricultural Science: Foundational knowledge of life sciences and agricultural practices.

Chemistry: Understanding chemical processes in soils, crops, and livestock is crucial.

Any one of: Mathematics, Physics, Geography, or Economics – Choose based on your strengths and desired specialization.

Direct Entry Requirements

Two A-Level passes: Chemistry + one from Biology/Botany/Zoology/Agricultural Science/Economics/Physics/Geography/Geology/Mathematics (Pure & Applied).

Why Go Green?

Global Demand: Growing populations require innovative agricultural solutions.

Job Market Growth: Diverse career paths like research, agribusiness, farm management, and food production offer excellent job prospects.

Impactful Career: Make a real difference in food security, environmental sustainability, and rural development.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities: Start your own farm, food processing business, or agricultural consultancy.


Can I study Agriculture with Arts subjects? 

While not ideal, some universities may accept alternative combinations. Check individual university requirements.

Is Direct Entry easier? 

Direct Entry avoids UTME but requires strong A-Level performance. Choose the path that suits your strengths and preparation.

What career options are available?

 From animal breeders and soil scientists to agricultural engineers and food policymakers, Agriculture offers a vast spectrum of careers.

Does studying Agriculture guarantee success? 

Dedication, hard work, and continuous learning are key to a thriving career in any field, including Agriculture

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