Kannywood heroes who are the most popular on Instagram

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Kannywood industry stars who have gained a large following on Instagram
Every year a lot of scrutiny is made to find out who the most famous people of the year are
This year, 2021, the most sought after actors in the Kannywood industry are also being investigated
for a list of heroes like Haka
  1. Rahama Sadau 2.5million
  2. Ali nuhu 2.3milliom
  3. Madiza Aliyu Gabon 2.3million are four And heroes are found as follows
  4. Maryam booth 1.9million, hafsa Idris 1.9million, nafisa Abdullahi 1.9million
  5. Mary John 1.6million, fati washa 1.6million, Aisha humaira 1.6million, They also have a large following on their pages
  6. Mansura isah 1.5million, Sadiq knows Sadiq 1.4million, those who were 8 also included
  7. Ado Gwanja 1.3million, Umar m Shareef 1.3million
  8. Halima ateta 1.2million
  9. Jacob Muhammad 1.1million, Teema energy
they have the same number of followers on their Instagram pages
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