List of Polytechnic in Jigawa State, list All the Polytechnic

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Jigawa State, the “Dutse Emirate,” pulsates with a thirst for knowledge.

If you’re seeking top-notch technical and vocational education within its borders, look no further!

This meticulously curated list unveils all the polytechnics in Jigawa, empowering you to make an informed decision about your academic journey.

1. Jigawa State Polytechnic, Dutse

The crown jewel, established in 2007, boasts six dynamic colleges: Science and Technology, Business and Management Studies, Engineering, Art and Design, Agriculture, and Education.

Renowned for its cutting-edge facilities, diverse programs like Civil Engineering and Public Administration, and vibrant student life, it’s a launchpad for future professionals.

2. Federal College of Education (Technical), Gumel

Nestled in the heart of Gumel, this esteemed institution focuses on churning out competent teachers in technical and vocational subjects. From Computer Science Education to Agricultural Science, its robust curriculum equips graduates with the skills to shape the next generation.

3. Federal College of Agriculture, Hadejia

Aspiring agriculturalists, rejoice! This college, a beacon of agricultural knowledge since 1988, offers specialized programs in Animal Health, Crop Production, and Agricultural Extension. Its expansive farm serves as a living laboratory, fostering practical learning and innovation.

4. Federal College of Forestry, Kano

Though located in Kano State, this college caters significantly to Jigawa students. Its expertise in Forestry Technology and Wildlife Management attracts passionate individuals who yearn to protect and manage our precious natural resources.

5. National Institute for Animal Science and Technology, Shika

Delve into the fascinating world of animal science at this institute. Renowned for its research and training in Animal Production, Veterinary Technology, and Food Science, it equips graduates to tackle the challenges of the livestock industry.


What are the admission requirements for Jigawa Polytechnics?

Admission requirements vary based on the institution and program. Generally, five credits in relevant O’Level subjects and participation in entrance exams are mandatory. Consult individual polytechnic websites for specific details.

Which polytechnic offers the best program for Chemistry ?

Each polytechnic has its strengths. Compare program offerings, faculty expertise, and facilities to find the best fit for your aspirations.

Are there scholarship opportunities available?

Yes, several scholarships are offered by the federal and state governments, private organizations, and individual polytechnics. Research and apply for those aligned with your academic merit and financial needs.

What career opportunities await graduates of Jigawa Polytechnics?

Graduates are highly sought-after in various sectors, including engineering, agriculture, education, healthcare, and business. Many alumni successfully establish their own ventures, contributing to Jigawa’s economic development

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