List of university in Kaduna state

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Nestled in the heart of Nigeria’s vibrant north, Kaduna State is a pulsating hub of education and opportunity.

Whether you’re a local student or drawn to its rich blend of culture and scholarship, choosing the right university can feel like scaling Mount Everest.

Worry not, intrepid scholar! This comprehensive guide unravels the mysteries of Kaduna’s esteemed academic institutions, equipping you with the knowledge to chart your perfect academic path.

Federal Universities

Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria

Renowned for its academic rigor and diverse programs, ABU is a titan in the Nigerian academic arena. From Medicine to Engineering, Law to Agriculture, ABU boasts a plethora of disciplines, all under the prestigious shade of its historical legacy.

Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA), Kaduna

 For those with a patriotic pulse, NDA beckons. This esteemed military academy molds the future leaders of Nigeria’s armed forces, offering rigorous training in military science and leadership.

Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT), Kaduna

Taking to the skies? AFIT equips aspiring aviators with the technical expertise needed to excel in the Nigerian Air Force. From aeronautical engineering to logistics, AFIT is the launchpad for a soaring career.

State Universities

Kaduna State University (KASU)

A beacon of knowledge within the state itself, KASU offers a dynamic range of programs in humanities, sciences, and social sciences. Its commitment to quality education and research makes it a popular choice for students seeking a well-rounded academic experience.

Private Universities

Greenfield University, Kaduna

 Embracing innovation and global perspectives, Greenfield University provides a futuristic learning environment. With a focus on technology, entrepreneurship, and sustainable development, it’s ideal for those seeking to make a mark on the world.

NOK University, Kachia, Kaduna State

Nestled amidst scenic hills, NOK University champions cultural preservation and sustainable development. Its unique programs in archaeology, tourism, and agriculture cater to students passionate about preserving Nigeria’s heritage.

Franco British International University, Kaduna State

Craving a taste of international education? Franco British University bridges the gap, offering programs in collaboration with French and British institutions. Immerse yourself in a multicultural learning experience and broaden your horizons.

College of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Kaduna State

Fueling the future of Nigeria’s energy sector, this specialized college grooms experts in petroleum engineering, geology, and renewable energy. Hone your skills and become a key player in this vital industry.


How do I apply to universities in Kaduna State?

 Each university has its own application process and deadlines. Consult their websites or visit the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) website for detailed information.

What are the admission requirements?

 Admission requirements vary depending on the program and university. Generally, you’ll need good grades in relevant subjects, JAMB scores, and possibly an entrance exam.

Can I afford university fees?

 Tuition fees can range significantly depending on the university and program. Scholarships, grants, and student loans are available to ease the financial burden.

What are the career prospects after graduating from a Kaduna university? 

Kaduna State offers diverse career opportunities in various sectors. With the right skills and qualifications, graduates can find fulfilling careers in government, education, healthcare, IT, and many more

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