Salary Structure

Salary Structure of the National Population Commission (NPC)

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The National Population Commission (NPC) is a crucial government agency tasked with conducting censuses, surveys, and other data-gathering activities to provide accurate demographic information about Nigeria’s population.

As a vital entity in the nation’s statistical landscape, the NPC offers a range of employment opportunities with varying salary structures.

Entry-Level Salaries

For individuals seeking to embark on their careers with the NPC, the entry-level salary range is quite promising.

Starting salaries typically fall within the bracket of ₦128,000 to ₦187,000 per annum. This range encompasses positions such as:

Data Officer

Assistant Statistician

Research Assistant

Mid-Level Salaries

As employees progress within the NPC’s hierarchy, their salaries also increase accordingly.

Mid-level positions, such as Senior Data Officer and Principal Data Officer, command salaries ranging from ₦230,000 to ₦350,000 per year.

Senior-Level Salaries

At the senior level, experienced professionals with extensive expertise can expect to earn significantly higher salaries.

Positions such as Director and Assistant Director are typically compensated within the range of ₦498,000 to ₦5,700,000 per annum.


What factors influence NPC salary levels?

Several factors contribute to determining salary levels at the NPC, including educational qualifications, years of experience, job performance, and the specific position held.

Does the NPC offer additional benefits beyond base salary?

Yes, NPC employees are eligible for a comprehensive benefits package that includes:

Pension contributions

Health insurance

Housing allowance

Transportation allowance

Are there opportunities for career advancement within the NPC?

The NPC encourages internal career progression and provides various training and development programs to help employees advance their skills and knowledge, leading to promotions and higher-level positions.

How can I apply for a job at the NPC?

Job vacancies at the NPC are typically advertised on the organization’s website and other relevant platforms. Interested candidates can submit their applications through the specified channels.

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