Salary Structure

Salary Structure of the Nigerian Institute for Oil Palm Research (NIFOR)

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The Nigerian Institute for Oil Palm Research (NIFOR) is a government-owned research institute with a mandate to conduct research into the genetic improvement, production, and processing of oil palm, raphia, date, coconut, and ornamental palms.

It is one of the leading oil palm research institutes in the world and employs a wide range of skilled and experienced professionals.

Entry-Level Salary

Entry-level salaries at NIFOR vary depending on the candidate’s qualifications and experience. However, most entry-level positions pay a salary of between N100,000 and N150,000 per month.

Salary Structure for Other Levels

The salary structure for other levels at NIFOR is as follows:

Level 7: N200,000 – N250,000

Level 8: N250,000 – N300,000

Level 9: N300,000 – N350,000

Level 10: N350,000 – N400,000

Level 11: N400,000 – N450,000

Level 12: N450,000 – N500,000

Level 13: N500,000 – N550,000

Level 14: N550,000 – N600,000

Level 15: N600,000 – N650,000

Level 16: N650,000 – N700,000

Level 17: N700,000 and above


What are the benefits of working at NIFOR?

NIFOR offers a competitive salary and benefits package to its employees, including:

Health insurance

Pension contributions

Housing allowance

Transportation allowance

Leave allowance

Training and development opportunities

What are the qualifications for an entry-level position at NIFOR?

The qualifications for an entry-level position at NIFOR vary depending on the specific position. However, most entry-level positions require a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, such as agriculture, biology, chemistry, or engineering.

How can I apply for a job at NIFOR?

To apply for a job at NIFOR, you can visit their website and browse through the current job openings. Once you have found a position that you are interested in, you can submit your resume and cover letter online.

What is the career progression like at NIFOR?

NIFOR offers a variety of career progression opportunities for its employees. Employees are encouraged to develop their skills and knowledge through training and development programs. They may also be given the opportunity to take on new challenges and responsibilities within their department.

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