Top 10 Kannywood Actresses with the Most Twitter Followers in 2023

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Social media platforms have become powerful tools for celebrities to connect with their fans and share their lives beyond the big screen.

Twitter, with its real-time updates and engagement, is a popular choice among Kannywood actresses to interact with their followers.

In 2023, we explore the Kannywood landscape and unveil the top 10 actresses who have garnered the most Twitter followers, showcasing their influence and popularity in the digital realm.

1. Rahama Sadau

• Followers: 2.7 Million

Rahama Sadau, often dubbed the “Queen of Kannywood,” leads the pack with an impressive 2.7 million Twitter followers. Her engaging tweets and personal interactions with fans keep her at the forefront.

2. Maryam Booth

• Followers: 2.1 Million

Maryam Booth’s versatility as an actress and her relatable tweets have earned her 2.1 million Twitter followers. Fans appreciate her down-to-earth approach to social media.

3. Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya

• Followers: 1.8 Million

Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya’s magnetic presence and vibrant tweets have garnered her 1.8 million Twitter followers. She connects with fans through her charming online persona.

4. Hadiza Gabon

• Followers: 1.6 Million

Hadiza Gabon’s timeless beauty and engaging posts have translated into 1.6 million Twitter followers. Her Twitter feed offers glimpses into her glamorous life.

5. Nafisa Abdullahi

• Followers: 1.4 Million

Nafisa Abdullahi’s radiant smile and personal tweets have won her 1.4 million Twitter followers. She actively interacts with fans through her heartfelt messages.

6. Fati Washa

• Followers: 1.2 Million

Fati Washa’s youthful charm and genuine tweets have attracted 1.2 million Twitter followers. Her posts often reflect her passion for her craft and her fans.

7. Ummi Ibrahim Zee-Zee

• Followers: 1 Million

Ummi Ibrahim Zee-Zee’s elegance and style are reflected in her Twitter updates, which have earned her 1 million followers. Fans admire her fashion sense and grace.

8. Jamila Nagudu

• Followers: 900,000

Jamila Nagudu’s beauty and grace are mirrored in her 900,000 Twitter followers. She uses her platform to keep fans informed about her career and personal life.

9. Fati KK

• Followers: 800,000

Fati KK’s striking looks and relatable tweets have garnered her 800,000 Twitter followers. Her page is a blend of professional and personal insights.

10. Nafisa Abdullahi (Kannywood’s Nafisa)

• Followers: 700,000

Nafisa Abdullahi, known as “Kannywood’s Nafisa,” has captured the hearts of 700,000 Twitter followers with her beauty and authentic tweets. She shares her journey in the industry.


How do Kannywood actresses gain such large Twitter followings?

Kannywood actresses often gain large Twitter followings through a combination of their talent, engaging content, and regular interactions with fans. Their popularity in movies also contributes to their online presence.

Are these actresses active on other social media platforms?

Yes, many of these actresses are active on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, where they connect with fans through various types of content, including photos, videos, and updates about their careers and personal lives.

Can I interact with these actresses on Twitter?

While it may be challenging to get a personal response due to their large followings, many of these actresses interact with fans through tweets, retweets, and occasional Q&A sessions, providing opportunities for fans to engage with them.

Do these Twitter followings reflect their overall popularity in Kannywood?

Twitter followings are one indicator of popularity, but an actress’s overall popularity in Kannywood is also influenced by factors like their acting skills, box office success, and contributions to the industry. Twitter is just one platform where they showcase their talent and connect with fans.

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