Top 10 Universities to Study Radiation Medicine in Nigeria

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Radiation medicine, a specialized field that involves the use of radiation for diagnosing and treating various medical conditions, has gained significant importance in Nigeria’s healthcare sector.

Aspiring medical professionals seeking to pursue a career in this field have a range of institutions to choose from.

In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 universities in Nigeria that offer exceptional programs in radiation medicine, radiography, radiology, and nuclear medicine.

1. University of Lagos (UNILAG)

UNILAG offers a comprehensive program in radiation medicine, focusing on both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The university’s state-of-the-art facilities provide students with hands-on experience.

2. Ahmadu Bello University (ABU)

ABU’s Department of Radiography offers accredited programs that prepare students for a successful career in radiography. The university boasts experienced faculty and advanced imaging technology.

h3>3. Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU)

OAU’s College of Health Sciences features a top-notch radiology program, equipping students with the skills required for precise medical imaging and diagnosis.

4. University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN)

With its advanced radiography labs and well-structured curriculum, UNN stands out as a prime destination for those aspiring to excel in radiography.

5. Lagos State University (LASU)

LASU offers a well-rounded program in radiation therapy, combining classroom learning with clinical exposure to ensure students are industry-ready.

6. Bayero University Kano (BUK)

BUK’s radiography program is designed to meet international standards, and the university’s collaborations with healthcare institutions enhance students’ practical training.

7. University of Benin (UNIBEN)

UNIBEN’s Department of Radiology provides students with a solid foundation in diagnostic imaging techniques, preparing them for a dynamic healthcare environment.

8. University of Ilorin

Known for its rigorous radiography curriculum, the University of Ilorin prepares students for diverse roles within the field, ranging from conventional radiography to specialized imaging procedures.

9. Delta State University (DELSU)

DELSU’s radiation medicine program focuses on nuclear medicine, offering specialized training in utilizing radioactive substances for medical diagnosis and treatment.

10. University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT)

UNIPORT’s Department of Medical Radiography and Radiological Sciences offers a holistic approach to radiography education, combining academic knowledge with clinical practice.


Where can I study radiotherapy in Nigeria?

You can study radiotherapy at universities such as University of Lagos, Lagos State University, and Ahmadu Bello University, which offer comprehensive programs in radiation medicine.

Which school is best for Radiography in Nigeria?

Ahmadu Bello University, Obafemi Awolowo University, and University of Nigeria, Nsukka, are renowned for their radiography programs in Nigeria.

Where is the best place to study radiology?

If you’re looking to study radiology in Nigeria, consider institutions like Obafemi Awolowo University, University of Benin, and University of Ilorin.

Where can I study nuclear medicine in Nigeria?

Universities like Delta State University provide specialized programs in nuclear medicine, equipping students with skills in using radioactive substances for medical purposes.

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