Top 10 Universities to Study Theatre and Film Studies in Nigeria

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Nigeria has a vibrant arts and entertainment industry, and studying Theatre and Film Studies can be a stepping stone to a successful career in this field.

If you’re passionate about acting, filmmaking, or any aspect of theatre and film production, choosing the right university to pursue your education is crucial.

In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 universities in Nigeria that offer excellent programs in Theatre and Film Studies, providing you with valuable insights to make an informed decision.

1. University of Lagos

The University of Lagos (UNILAG) is renowned for its Theatre Arts Department, which offers a comprehensive curriculum covering various aspects of theatre and film. With experienced faculty and well-equipped facilities, UNILAG provides students with a conducive learning environment.

2. University of Ibadan

The Theatre Arts Department at the University of Ibadan is known for its emphasis on practical training and theoretical knowledge. The department offers courses in acting, directing, production, scriptwriting, and more, ensuring a holistic learning experience.

3. University of Port Harcourt

The University of Port Harcourt boasts a vibrant Theatre Arts Department that focuses on nurturing talent and creativity. The department offers specialized programs in acting, playwriting, directing, cinematography, and other areas of theatre and film studies.

4. Ahmadu Bello University

Located in Zaria, Ahmadu Bello University has a well-established Theatre and Performing Arts Department. The department offers a diverse range of courses, including acting, stage design, film production, and theatre management, to prepare students for successful careers in the industry.

5. Obafemi Awolowo University

Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) has a reputable Theatre Arts Department known for its commitment to excellence. OAU offers rigorous training in various disciplines, including acting, playwriting, film production, and theatre administration.

6. University of Calabar

The Theatre and Media Studies Department at the University of Calabar focuses on providing students with practical skills and theoretical knowledge to excel in the theatre and film industry. The department collaborates with industry professionals to offer students valuable insights into the field.

7. University of Nigeria, Nsukka

The University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) has a well-regarded Theatre and Film Studies Department that offers programs in acting, directing, scriptwriting, and film production.

UNN provides students with a platform to showcase their talents through various stage productions and film screenings.

8. Lagos State University

Lagos State University (LASU) boasts a vibrant Theatre Arts Department that combines academic learning with practical training. With state-of-the-art facilities and experienced faculty, LASU offers students a comprehensive education in theatre and film studies.

9. Delta State University

Delta State University is known for its Theatre Arts Department, which focuses on providing students with practical skills in acting, directing, set design, and more. The department offers a conducive learning environment and opportunities to collaborate with industry professionals.

10. University of Jos

The University of Jos has a renowned Department of Theatre and Film Arts that offers diverse programs to cater to different interests. The department’s curriculum emphasizes both practical and theoretical knowledge, preparing students for various career paths in the industry.


What are the career prospects after studying Theatre and Film Studies?

Studying Theatre and Film Studies opens up numerous career opportunities, including acting, directing, screenwriting, production management, film editing, cinematography, and teaching in educational institutions.

Are there scholarships available for Theatre and Film Studies students in Nigeria?

Yes, several universities and organizations offer scholarships to exceptional students pursuing Theatre and Film Studies. It’s advisable to check with individual universities and explore external scholarship opportunities.

Can I pursue a master’s degree in Theatre and Film Studies after completing my undergraduate studies?

Yes, many universities in Nigeria offer master’s programs in Theatre and Film Studies. It’s important to research and meet the specific admission requirements of the institutions you’re interested in.

What skills are essential for success in the Theatre and Film industry?

Apart from talent and creativity, skills such as teamwork, communication, adaptability, problem-solving, and a strong work ethic are crucial for success in the Theatre and Film industry.

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