Top 5 nursing school that teaches Physics in Nigeria

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Have you ever dreamt of a career in nursing that blends the art of patient care with the precision of science?

Then consider a path that goes beyond the biology textbook and delves into the fascinating world of physics! In the ever-evolving field of healthcare, a strong foundation in physics can empower you to become a more effective and innovative nurse.

Physics isn’t just about complex equations and distant galaxies. In the world of nursing, it’s the invisible force behind the machines that monitor vital signs, the science that underpins radiation therapy, and the understanding of how electricity translates into life-saving medical equipment.

By incorporating physics into your nursing education, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for the technology you’ll use daily and be better equipped to troubleshoot issues, optimize equipment usage, and advocate for your patients’ needs.

So, where can you embark on this exciting journey of fusing compassion with scientific understanding? Here’s a curated list of the top 5 Schools of Nursing in Nigeria that integrate physics into their curriculum:

1. School of Nursing, University College Hospital Ibadan (UCH)

Renowned for its focus on practical training, UCH’s School of Nursing ensures a strong foundation in physics principles. Courses like “Medical Physics in Nursing Practice” delve into topics like radiation safety, principles of mechanics in patient handling, and the physics behind medical imaging.

2. School of Nursing, University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH)

UBTH’s School of Nursing equips nurses with the knowledge to become valuable assets in technologically advanced healthcare settings. Their curriculum incorporates courses like “Physics for Nurses” which explores the application of physics concepts in areas like fluid dynamics, electrophysiology, and basic principles of medical equipment.

3. School of Nursing, Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH)

Located in the heart of Lagos, LASUTH’s School of Nursing offers a comprehensive program that integrates physics into its core curriculum. Courses like “Physics for Healthcare Professionals” provide a practical understanding of how physics principles translate into patient care, focusing on areas like biomechanics, and the functioning of medical devices.

4. School of Nursing, Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital (ABUTH)

ABUTH’s School of Nursing is known for its commitment to excellence and its focus on holistic patient care. Their curriculum incorporates a course titled “Introduction to Medical Physics” which introduces students to the application of physics in various aspects of nursing, including radiation safety, hemodynamics, and principles of medical imaging.

5. School of Nursing, Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital (AKTH)

AKTH’s School of Nursing offers a well-rounded program that emphasizes the importance of physics in modern healthcare. Courses like “Fundamentals of Physics in Nursing” equip students with a foundational understanding of key physics concepts relevant to nursing practice, covering areas like measurement, forces and motion, and the principles of electricity.


Do I need to be good at physics to succeed in nursing school? 

While a strong foundation in physics is beneficial, most programs offer introductory courses to equip students with the necessary knowledge.

Will these courses be too difficult? 

The focus of these courses is on the practical application of physics in nursing, making them relevant and engaging.

What career opportunities will I have with a physics-based nursing education? 

Your qualifications will be highly sought-after in critical care units, operating rooms, and other technologically advanced healthcare settings.

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