Best 10 Courses To Study In Arthur Jarvis University Calabar

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Choosing a university and a degree path is a pivotal decision, and Arthur Jarvis University (AJU) in Calabar offers an exciting array of options to fuel your aspirations.

With a focus on practical learning and globally competitive graduates, AJU stands out as a hub for academic excellence in Nigeria.

Here are 10 exceptional courses to consider at AJU, each with its own unique appeal:

1. Law

AJU’s Law program boasts a renowned faculty, a moot court facility, and a strong emphasis on practical legal skills, preparing you for a thriving legal career.

2. Computer Science

Immerse yourself in the ever-evolving world of technology with AJU’s Computer Science program. Gain expertise in software development, networking, and cybersecurity, equipping you for high-demand tech jobs.

3. Business Administration

Develop the leadership and management acumen needed for success in today’s business landscape. AJU’s BA program equips you with strong analytical and decision-making skills, preparing you to lead or manage businesses of all sizes.

4. Economics

Gain a deep understanding of economic theories and their practical applications with AJU’s Economics program. Analyze markets, develop financial models, and build a strong foundation for careers in finance, banking, or government.

5. Biochemistry

Explore the fascinating intersection of biology and chemistry at AJU. This program delves into the molecular basis of life, preparing you for careers in research, medicine, or the pharmaceutical industry.

6. Mass Communication

Unleash your creativity and hone your communication skills with AJU’s Mass Communication program. Learn about journalism, media production, and public relations, preparing you for a dynamic career in the media industry.

7. Marketing

Master the art of persuasion and understand consumer behavior with AJU’s Marketing program. Develop effective marketing strategies, learn about digital marketing trends, and unlock your potential in the ever-evolving marketing landscape.

8. Accounting

Gain a comprehensive understanding of financial principles and accounting practices with AJU’s Accounting program. Prepare for a rewarding career in accounting, auditing, or finance, with strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

9. Geology

Explore the Earth’s secrets and unlock its resources with AJU’s Geology program. Learn about minerals, fossils, and geological processes, preparing for careers in mining, petroleum exploration, or environmental science.

10. Early Childhood Education

Nurture young minds and shape the future with AJU’s Early Childhood Education program. Develop effective teaching strategies, understand child development, and make a lasting impact on the lives of young children.

Why Choose AJU for These Courses?

Beyond the diverse course offerings, AJU provides several compelling reasons to choose them:

Experienced Faculty: Renowned professors with industry experience guide your learning and equip you with practical skills.

State-of-the-Art Facilities: Modern labs, libraries, and technology resources enhance your learning experience.

Entrepreneurial Focus: AJU fosters an entrepreneurial spirit, preparing you to create your own opportunities.

Strong Industry Connections: Benefit from industry partnerships that open doors to internships and job opportunities.

Global Perspective: Immerse yourself in a diverse student body and prepare for a globalized world.


What are the admission requirements?

Admission requirements vary based on the program. Visit AJU’s website for detailed information.

Does AJU offer scholarships?

Yes, AJU offers various scholarships based on merit and financial need. Contact the admissions office for details.

What is the job market like for graduates of these programs?

AJU graduates enjoy high employability rates due to the practical focus of their programs and strong industry connections.

What are the campus life and facilities like?

AJU offers a vibrant campus life with various clubs, activities, and modern facilities like a sports complex and a library

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