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Do you know the difference between Email and Gmail account and their function and importance?.

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Do you know the difference between Email and Gmail account and their function and importance?.

There are several people who want know the difference between Email and Gmail account, no doubt someone once asked me their different that’s why I think it’s very important to share how I answered the question.

Some people confused when they heard Gmail or Email account which they think there are different between them. it’s really confused many people especially because they have some things in common both in function and advantage, so today I want to meddle in order to differentiate it.

G-mail address is one of the “provider internet network”which allows you to send messages through internet.
G-mail account is the application software owned by Google company.

Besides G-mail account there are several Application software that have the same function and importance with G-mail account but they’re not developed or familiar when compared with G-mail account.

You can open your Gmail account with the following providers:-

:. Yahoomail

:. Hotmail

:. Outlook

:. Icloudmail (it’s for Apple phone only)

:. Aolmail

:. Zohomail

:. Gmxmail

:. Yendexmail



All the above providers where used to send messages around the Globe and they have the same importance and function with the Gmail account what different between them is Gmail account is a profitable company and have several users all over the world.


Is a process of sending messages through out the world, I.e it’s world wide way of sending and receiving messages through internet. For example the things that are sending through email account is Decomment, Letter, PDF, files etc.

MTN, Glo, Airtel, Glo, 9mobile etc are the communication company so Gmail account and Email account are the internet network company which used to send and receive messages everywhere you are in the world if you have access to network, in short there are no different between Gmail and Email account they have the same function and importance what differentiate them is Gmail is more famous and familiar to people also they have highly income and profit then Email account.

I hope you all enjoy this post thanks.

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