How to apply a job in jumia online business in Nigeria.

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How to apply a job in jumia online business in Nigeria.
What is jumia: jumia is a biggest online business which located in several places in Africa, jumia help billions of people the opportunity to buy different stuff in online.
Jumia company have a population almost 1 billion and millions of people 500 in online at Africa continent, they also have employees more than five thousand 5000, in ten 10 African’s countries.
Nowadays these jumia company are  seeking additional employees to give them opportunity to work under their company.
The following are the schedule for the work:
1: Name of work: social media manager
2. Place of work: Nigeria
3. Type of work: full time 
4. Part of work: marketing.
Mission of work: as in the position of social media, the work will help the jumia company to improve their company in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp, YouTube and Tiktok.
Job Requirements
1. specialization in some business activities.
2. You must be wise, educated and foresight.
3. You must have a specialization in socal media activities.
4. You must be able to speak English language fluently.

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