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How to swap your recharge card into cash

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How to swap your recharge card into cash

Hello everyone!
We make this post because we received several complain from people different people about how they made a mistake when they recharge card their sim with the amount of money they didn’t intend to recharge, for example you’re about to recharge 100 Naira but you add another 0. You make it 1000. At last you need to use that 900 Naira for something very important but you don’t know what to do, so we will teach you on how to swap that money you recharged in to real Cash.

There are several ways that you can use to swap your recharge card in to real Cash directly to your bank account but we choice the simplest and easiest way through using the application instead of using some website but if you want the other way which is through website we need your comments if we get many people we will do it for you because we care about you very much.

The application which you will use to sell your recharge card is Tingtel.
You can use this Application in different ways such as:-

  1. You can swap your recharge card in to real Cash.
  2. You can buy airtime to your prefer sim card.
  3. You can make recharge to your love one’s sim card.

There are others several ways that you can use when you download the tingle Application it’s very easy and do not consume high interest connection click the below blue link to download the Tingtel Application.

Download Now

After you successfully downloaded you need to sing up with your verify information it will enable you to access anywhere you need inside the application.

Wish you best of luck

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