OPay Transaction Fees || How Much Does OPay Charge per Transaction?

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When it comes to digital financial services in Nigeria, OPay has emerged as a popular platform that offers convenient and affordable transactions.

If you’re considering using OPay for your financial needs, one important factor to consider is the transaction fees.

In this article, we’ll delve into the details of OPay transaction charges, helping you understand how much OPay charges per transaction.

OPay Transaction Fees

OPay offers a transparent fee structure that makes it easy for users to understand the costs involved in their transactions. Here are the key details you need to know:

1. Money Transfer

OPay allows you to send money to other OPay users and bank accounts seamlessly. The transaction fee for sending money to another OPay user is 1% of the transfer amount. For transfers to bank accounts, the fee is 1% of the transfer amount plus ₦10.

2. Airtime Purchase

If you frequently top up your mobile phone airtime using OPay, you’ll be glad to know that the service is fee-free. OPay does not charge any transaction fee for airtime purchases, making it a convenient option to keep your phone connected.

3. Bill Payments

OPay provides a platform to pay various bills, including electricity, cable TV, and internet services. The transaction fee for bill payments varies depending on the biller. However, OPay aims to keep the fees as low as possible, ensuring cost-effective bill management for its users.

4. Cash Withdrawal

With OPay, you can conveniently withdraw cash from your OPay wallet at designated agent locations. The withdrawal fee is 1% of the withdrawal amount, with a minimum charge of ₦10. This makes OPay an accessible option for obtaining cash when needed.


Are there any hidden charges or additional fees associated with OPay transactions?

No, OPay is committed to transparency and strives to provide users with a clear understanding of the fees involved. The charges mentioned earlier are the only fees you’ll encounter for most transactions.

Is there a limit on the transaction amount for OPay?

Yes, OPay imposes certain limits on transaction amounts. The exact limits depend on various factors, such as user verification status, transaction type, and regulations.

Can I use OPay for international money transfers?

Currently, OPay primarily focuses on domestic transactions within Nigeria. International money transfers are not supported at the moment. OPay’s services are primarily tailored to cater to the Nigerian market.

How can I view a detailed breakdown of my transaction fees on OPay?

OPay provides users with transaction history within the app, which includes details such as transaction amounts and associated fees.

You can easily access this information by navigating to the transaction history section of your OPay account.

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