Salary Structure

Salary Structure of Consumer Protection Council (CPC)

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The Consumer Protection Council (CPC) is a federal government agency in Nigeria responsible for protecting consumers from unfair trade practices, unsafe products, and other harmful business activities.

The CPC is a great place to work for those who are passionate about consumer protection and want to make a difference in the lives of others.

The salary structure for the CPC is based on the employee’s grade level and position. The CPC has 17 grade levels, with each grade level having a different salary range.

The salary range for each grade level is determined by the employee’s experience, education, and qualifications.

Entry-Level Salaries

The entry-level salary for the CPC is N18,000. This is the salary for employees who have just graduated from college or university and do not have any experience.

Salaries for Other Levels

The salaries for other levels at the CPC are as follows:

Grade Level 7: N25,000

Grade Level 8: N30,000

Grade Level 9: N35,000

Grade Level 10: N40,000

Grade Level 11: N45,000

Grade Level 12: N50,000

Grade Level 13: N55,000

Grade Level 14: N60,000

Grade Level 15: N65,000

Grade Level 16: N70,000

Grade Level 17: N75,000


In addition to a competitive salary, the CPC also offers a number of benefits to its employees, including:

Health insurance

Life insurance

Dental insurance

Vision insurance

Paid time off

Retirement savings plan


What is the job outlook for the CPC?

The job outlook for the CPC is good. The CPC is a growing agency, and there is a strong demand for qualified consumer protection professionals.

What are the qualifications for a job at the CPC?

The qualifications for a job at the CPC vary depending on the position. However, most positions require a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, such as consumer protection, business administration, or law.

What is the interview process like for the CPC?

The interview process for the CPC is competitive. The interview process typically consists of a panel interview and a writing test.

How can I find a job at the CPC?

The CPC posts job openings on its website. You can also find job openings at the CPC on job boards such as Indeed and LinkedIn.

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