The Zamfara state government has not yet commented on the matter

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The bottle paid for the soap We have arrested more than 2,000 militants, militants and militants in Zamfara State after disrupting communications in the state. The Zamfara State Government made this known More than 2,000 militants have been arrested in Zamfara State for disrupting communications in the state, according to the information commissioner Alhaji Ibrahim dosara The commissioner made this known in Kaduna State while addressing a military operation in Zamfara State As reported by dailtrust.
He said investigations into the alleged spies had been intensified to identify their captors and colleagues According to him, some of the participants mentioned the names of some of the people who were responsible for them He added that security agencies were working on information obtained from the suspects to arrest their accomplices Several robbers were killed Alhaji Dosara added that the security forces had managed to kill a large number of militants while others had fled to neighboring states such as Sokoto and Katsina. Alhaji Ibrahim Dosara says we have achieved a lot in the last month as the militants have fled to Katsina and Sokoto states. Yesterday, the Sokoto State Commissioner of Police said that 80% of the Zamfara militants had entered Sokoto while the remaining 20% ​​had fled Katsina. Security forces have so far arrested 2,000 militants and are continuing to intensify their investigations Does the government know the situation of the people? The commissioner said the Zamfara state government was aware of the plight of the people due to the disruption of communication lines He said the move was aimed at clearing the militants from Badon State and leaving the nation in a state of disarray He said the Zamfara state government would soon restore the network to Nan
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