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NASIMS has set September 10, 2021, as the start date for health testing in 774 counties. Requirements for each Npower batch C program will be presented at the Physical Verification venue.
  • N-power NASIMS Profile Printout with N-power ID number
  • BVN
  • PPA letter (If printing is available)
  • Education Certificates are also used for your Catogory like FSLC, SSCE, ND, HND, BSC, B.ED, JCHEW, SCHEW etc.
  • NYSC Certificates (if applicable)
  • LGA certification
  • Improved Certification System (Permanent Residence Card, Slip NIMC, Driver’s License)
  • Current Use Amount (No more than 3 months)
  • Birth Certificates / Age Information
  • The beneficiary of the program must bring two Passport Photos to note that when the original documents are displayed, a copy is presented at the Place.
A copy of the Photos should be placed in the office file, with Candidate Name, Phone Number, Group, and N-power ID on the front of the File and documents arranged in the order described above (1-10).
The passport should be printed in the File, and the File and Documents are corrupted correctly while the documents should be tired of the File to avoid crashes. Bodybuilding starts at 8am, and usually lasts 1-5 days. Of course, anyone who will benefit from the program will appear at the venue on the first day to get some very important information.
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