Top 20 Richest Female Stars in Kannywood 2022

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Kannywood, the vibrant and culturally rich film industry of Northern Nigeria, has seen remarkable growth over the years.

While male actors have historically dominated the spotlight, female stars in Kannywood are making their mark, both on-screen and financially.

In this article, we’ll delve into the lives and fortunes of the top 20 richest female stars in Kannywood as of 2022.

1. Rahama Sadau

Rahama Sadau is undoubtedly one of the leading female stars in Kannywood. Her acting prowess and versatility have earned her a significant place in the industry.

Apart from her acting career, Rahama has also ventured into music and entrepreneurship, solidifying her financial standing.

2. Hadiza Gabon

Hadiza Gabon’s talent and charisma have not only captivated audiences but also translated into substantial wealth. Her popularity extends beyond Kannywood, and she has secured endorsement deals with various brands.

3. Nafisa Abdullahi

Nafisa Abdullahi is celebrated not only for her acting but also for her contributions to women’s empowerment initiatives in Northern Nigeria. Her multifaceted career has brought her both fame and fortune.

4. Maryam Booth

Maryam Booth is another prominent name in Kannywood. Her talent extends to singing and modeling, augmenting her income. She’s known for her acting prowess and her entrepreneurial endeavors.

5. Fati Washa

Fati Washa’s journey in Kannywood has been marked by dedication and hard work. Her consistent appearances in hit movies have contributed to her financial success.

6. Hafsat Idris

Hafsat Idris is not just an actress but also a producer. Her ability to wear multiple hats in the industry has added to her wealth.

7. Sadiya Kabala

Sadiya Kabala’s rise to fame and fortune can be attributed to her acting skills and her appearances in numerous Kannywood blockbusters.

8. Nafisa Abdullahi

Nafisa Abdullahi’s versatility as an actress and her commitment to her craft have paved the way for her financial success.

9. Amina Amal

Amina Amal’s journey in Kannywood has been characterized by her dedication to acting, leading to both fame and wealth.

10. Nadiya Adam

Nadiya Adam’s impressive acting skills and consistent appearances in popular Kannywood movies have played a significant role in her financial growth.

11. Rukayya Dawayya

Rukayya Dawayya’s talent and dedication to her craft have earned her a place among the top female stars in Kannywood.

12. Nana Asma’u Mohammed

Nana Asma’u Mohammed’s acting prowess and numerous roles in successful movies have contributed to her financial success.

13. Jamila Nagudu

Jamila Nagudu’s talent and dedication to the industry have made her one of the wealthiest female stars in Kannywood.

14. Sadiya Adam

Sadiya Adam’s acting skills and consistent presence in the industry have propelled her into the ranks of the richest female stars in Kannywood.

15. Zainab Indomie

Zainab Indomie’s long and successful career in Kannywood has made her a household name and a wealthy actress.

16. Nafisa Abdullahi

Nafisa Abdullahi’s versatility and acting talent have opened doors to financial success beyond Kannywood.

17. Khadijatul Iman Sani

Khadijatul Iman Sani’s acting career and business ventures have contributed to her financial growth.

18. Aisha Najamu

Aisha Najamu’s dedication to her craft and consistent appearances in Kannywood have contributed to her financial success.

19. Fati Ladan

Fati Ladan’s acting career and her ventures in entrepreneurship have made her one of the richest female stars in Kannywood.

20. Binta Kofar Soro

Binta Kofar Soro’s talent as an actress and her business ventures have secured her a place among the top female stars in Kannywood.


Who is the richest female star in Kannywood?

The richest female star in Kannywood can vary from year to year. As of 2022, Rahama Sadau, with her acting career, music ventures, and endorsements, is among the wealthiest.

How do Kannywood actresses earn their income?

Kannywood actresses earn income primarily through acting in movies, securing endorsement deals, and engaging in entrepreneurial ventures.

Are these actresses only active in Kannywood or other industries as well?

Many of these actresses have diversified their careers. Some have ventured into music, modeling, and entrepreneurship, in addition to their acting careers.

What challenges do female stars in Kannywood face?

Female stars in Kannywood, like their counterparts in the entertainment industry, may face challenges related to societal expectations, gender roles, and work-life balance. However, their talent and determination have helped them overcome these challenges and achieve success.

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