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Are you passionate about writing and making a positive impact on society? MyJobMag is currently seeking a dedicated Grant Writing Specialist to join our team in Lagos.

In this role, you will be responsible for crafting compelling grant proposals to secure funding for various projects.

If you have a knack for persuasive writing, attention to detail, and the ability to meet deadlines, this might be the perfect opportunity for you.

Read on to learn more about the job description, qualifications, and frequently asked questions about being a Grant Writing Specialist at MyJobMag.

Job Description

As a Grant Writing Specialist at MyJobMag, your primary responsibility will be to develop and write grant proposals to secure funding for our organization’s projects and initiatives. Your duties will include:

1. Researching and identifying potential funding opportunities from various sources, including government agencies, foundations, and corporations.

2. Collaborating with internal teams to gather information, project details, and budget requirements for grant proposals.

3. Writing clear, concise, and persuasive grant proposals that effectively communicate the organization’s mission, objectives, and impact.

4. Adhering to grant guidelines and requirements, ensuring that all proposals are submitted within deadlines.

5. Managing and maintaining a database of grants, including tracking deadlines, progress, and outcomes.

6. Conducting follow-up activities with funders, providing additional information when requested, and expressing gratitude for awarded grants.

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Qualification and Experience

To excel in the role of a Grant Writing Specialist, the following qualifications and experience are required:

1. Bachelor’s degree in English, Communications, Nonprofit Management, or a related field.

2. Proven experience in grant writing, preferably in a nonprofit organization or a similar setting.

3. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

4. Strong research and analytical abilities.

5. Attention to detail and the ability to meet tight deadlines.

6. Proficiency in using Microsoft Office Suite and grant management software.

7. Familiarity with fundraising techniques and best practices in grant writing.

8. A passion for social causes and the ability to articulate the organization’s mission and impact effectively.

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Lagos, Nigeria


What is the role of a Grant Writing Specialist?

A Grant Writing Specialist is responsible for researching and writing grant proposals to secure funding for organizations’ projects and initiatives.

What qualifications are needed to become a Grant Writing Specialist?

Typically, a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, such as English or Communications, is required. Previous experience in grant writing or nonprofit management is also valuable.

What skills are essential for a Grant Writing Specialist?

Strong written and verbal communication skills, attention to detail, research abilities, and the ability to meet deadlines are crucial for success in this role. Proficiency in using grant management software and familiarity with fundraising techniques are also advantageous.

What is the work environment like for a Grant Writing Specialist?

Grant Writing Specialists often work in nonprofit organizations or NGOs. They may work independently or collaborate with cross-functional teams, depending on the organization’s structure and project requirements.

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