How to apply for NIRSAL loan interest.

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How to Complete Nirsal Water Supply
You will first access the site through this link
Then you will choose “household” because it is the one who will lend from 500,000.00 and below and then there is SME and then there is agmessiss all of them CAC number and then the big business know.
There are 4 steps.
Step 1. You will see When entering the BVN number if the bottom side is verify After you click verify then click next
Step 2
You will be given a place to put the title for example what man would choose mr. Mace miss. A woman married And Mrs.
After that you can enter your email, phone number, state, state of origin, LGA, number of dependent in your house hold etc, After you finish select next.
Step 3
At the top you will find a text and then a small box then you will select the one you think is best for you,
The first talks about how to grow a business by importing Goods and two And by exporting.
Here you will find boxes, the first of which is Items Sai unit, and Kuma price. You will have to repeat it 4 times.
  • So here the nirsal is filled
  • This is a box of items you will put what you buy when they give you the money,
  • Shikuma unit amount to buy, then price it And price.
  • For example, you cultivate 2 acres and spend 200,000 acres
  • Here’s how to fill it out
  • Items: farming
  • Unit: 2
  • Price: 200,000.00.
 And pay attention to one thing. The unit is a lot of money.
Then it will be 400,000.00
So, there is a box at the bottom.
So now we have 400,000 and you have 100,000 left
Then go to the boxes below and fill in the rest of the money as follows: –
  • Items: fertilizer
  • Unit: 10
  • Price, 10,000.
The cost of compost in the market may not be the same. But we do this to compare today if you are going to fill it and then check the price and make sure you do not over $ 500,000.
Then you can start whatever business you want to start, or whatever business you want to start.
The information is that the maximum number of months you are required to pay must not exceed 36 months and below that there is a box of years. It should not exceed 12 years. need.
Step 4 here And go to the box when you log in it will ask you where you can find out about Nirsal there is a friend, Facebook, Twitter, nirsal staff etc. You can choose the One you want here.
Then there is the box for swearing in and you will touch it, as long as you agree to their terms.
You will be greeted here and they will show you your application is successful received.
The end
If you want to see how it works by showing it to you on YouTube, go to HIKIMATV and you will find everything in action mungode
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