Good News For Those Who Have Completed Nirsal Loan Free Of Charge

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Nirsal has started offering Goods to people who have taken interest-free nirsal loans
Federally provided by cbn, the central bank of Nigeria through nirs microfinance bank can 500k Only applicant can apply
Yes, this system of Daman announces that they will not give any money.
However, before they send you the message, they will send you a message on your phone and you must agree before they send you the number of the vendor to receive the goods.
But the story we are getting right now is

Some vendors and nirsal representatives representing the supply chain are harassing the recipients of the product Nan
That is, they change the way you look at people
They give people goods that they do not owe
So we are announcing to you Who sees that the material for the loan has been changed
You do not have to pay the debt lender
So do not accept if you are not sure about that
Report Nasa to the nearest police station
Because this is a financial issue it is very important to my knowledge it is not free if it is taken then it has to be paid
God made man
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