Nirsal sun fidda sanarwa akan approved da ake turawa,

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Dear applicant,
It has been brought to our notice that the fraudster are currently circulating fake approval message, demanding that you pay money to secure your loan.

The Nirsal microfinance Bank warned the general public who already applied for the Nirsal loan to disregard any information regarding the Nirsal approvement.

We received a notification that the rumors are spreading in various social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, telegram, Tiktok etc that the nirsal are approving some people who applied for the Nirsal, the Nirsal team announce the general public that the Nirsal are not approved any loan so they urge the public to disregard any important regarding the Nirsal approving.

Nirsal microfinance Bank will never ask any person for money to help you access the targeted credit facility or AGSMEIS loan. To never pay anyone who seeks to collect money from you!

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