Shake your phone and earn free money or phone.

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Shake your phone and earn free money or phone.

This is the genuine opportunity where you can win free vouchers which you can buy anything online or you can withdraw your prize to your bank account.

If you enjoy this genuine opportunity you have to follow some steps

First fellow the below link to download the opera mini. You must download it before you continue with the menue.
Download Now.

After you successfully downloaded the application you will see the login tap at the top right of your phone, click the login put your phone number and register you will see the shake your phone to earn, shake and wait for each other 4 hours go and continue shaking until you win the complete boss of the prize.

Note each prize have six 6 boxes you must win all the 6 before you will receive your prize, you can shake now and win one from the phone prize site and after you shake you win one from the 160,000 money prize or it they you you don’t win anything.

Wish you best of luck

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