Today’s New update about interest rate on Agsmeis loan, Nyif loan covid-19 loan.

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Today’s New update about Agsmeis loan, Nyif loan covid-19 loan.
To the central bank of Nigeria CBN said they have extended single digits interested in various intervention of facilities to 1st of March this year.
Mr. Godwin emefiele  the governor of the Apex bank make this statement during during banker committee program in Abuja on Thursday.
What the CBN means is that they extended the interest rate to 5% on it’s several loan program to 1st of March 2022.
The governor note that the central bank of Nigeria, the apex bank has disbursement of about N948 billions to N4,478,381, small holder farmer who cultivate 5.2 millions hecter of farmland across the country across the country which has create a job about 12.5 millions.
He added that under it’s target facilities meant to help household and business that suffered significant losess during the covid-19 loan pendamic the bank disbursement N368.78 billions to 778,000 beneficiary comprising 648,056 households and about 130,000 SMEs.
He noted that under the Agsmeis program which caters to SMEs in Agribusiness, a total of N134,68 billions was released to 37,571 mSe project of which 67% were directly agriculture relations business 22.5% in services while the balance was in fashion, information technology and related sun-sector
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