Universities that cut off the mark of jamb 2021

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The National Jamb Examination Board has stated that it will not cut off the mark on its own
But touching schools allows each university to cut off the mark on their own
where some schools have already cut off their mark
even now the schools that have cut off the mark are not many
for schools that cut off the mark
  1. Khadija University (Jigawa state) 120 But it is a private university
  2. sokoto state University 140
  3. usman Dan fodio University 140
  4. maiduguri University unimaid 150
  5. university of music 180
  6. bayero University 180
  7. lagos state University 190
  8. covenant University 190
  9. university of Lagos 200
  10. pan Atlantic University 210
These are the number of universities that have cut off the mark right now where other schools have not done so now and have not said anything about it.
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