Jamb Examinations Commission Responds to Kaduna Governor Nasuru El Rufai

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El-Rufai, Kaduna State Governor, responds to Kaduna State Governor, Nasuru El Rufai
The Jamb Commission responded after he had made his statement to the Jamb Board
The jamb exam board says it is not responsible for reducing the number of students at the jamb
According to the jamb exam board, Kaduna governor Nasuru El Rufai was wrong in saying this because it was not only the northerners who could benefit from reducing the jamb.
Southern Nigerians are also benefiting from the reduction of the Makin jamb
Fabian Benjaminne, a spokesman for the Jamb Examinations Commission, responded to Kaduna Governor Nasuru El Rufai in an interview with Punch on Tuesday.
says the Makin required to match the course the student wants to study and the Makin that each school decides
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