Consultancy at International Alert vacancy available

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Are you passionate about making a positive impact on global peace and security? International Alert, a renowned peacebuilding organization, offers a consultancy opportunity in Lagos.

In this blog post, we will delve into the job description, qualifications, experience required, job field, and location of the consultancy at International Alert.

Job Description

The consultancy at International Alert in Lagos involves working closely with the organization’s peacebuilding team to provide expert advice and support in conflict resolution, peacebuilding initiatives, and policy development.

You will contribute to project design, implementation, and evaluation, ensuring high-quality outputs and impactful outcomes.

The role requires strong analytical and communication skills, as well as the ability to collaborate effectively with diverse stakeholders.

Job Type

This position is a consultancy role, offering the opportunity to work with International Alert on a contractual basis. Consultancies typically have a specified duration and deliverable-focused objectives.

Qualification and Experience

To be considered for the consultancy at International Alert, the following qualifications and experience are preferred:

1. A master’s degree in international relations, peace and conflict studies, or a related field.

2. At least five years of relevant professional experience in peacebuilding, conflict resolution, or related fields.

3. Proven expertise in designing and implementing peacebuilding projects.

4. Strong analytical and research skills, with the ability to apply them in conflict-sensitive contexts.

5. Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.

6. Previous experience working in Nigeria or similar contexts is desirable.

Job Field

The consultancy position at International Alert falls within the peacebuilding and conflict resolution field. It offers an opportunity to contribute to sustainable peace and security initiatives in Nigeria, working alongside a team of dedicated professionals.


The consultancy is based in Lagos, Nigeria. Lagos is a vibrant and diverse city known for its economic, cultural, and social significance in Africa. Working in Lagos provides exposure to the complex dynamics of conflict and peacebuilding efforts in Nigeria.


How can I apply for the consultancy at International Alert in Lagos?

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What are the key skills required for this consultancy?

The key skills required for the consultancy include expertise in peacebuilding, conflict resolution, project design and implementation, analytical thinking, and effective communication.

Is previous experience working in Nigeria mandatory for this role?

While previous experience working in Nigeria is desirable, it is not mandatory. However, experience in conflict-affected contexts or similar environments is highly valued.

What is the duration of the consultancy?

The duration of the consultancy may vary depending on the specific project or assignment. It is advisable to check the job posting or contact International Alert directly for information regarding the duration.

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