Snow Pollution In US Cities After Hurricane

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Snowstorms in the United States began after heavy rains combined with strong winds, which swept the country’s east coast in similar conditions seen for the first time in four years.
Cities such as Boston and Atlantic were the worst hit, with parts of New York City at a foot high of snow, while more than 31,000 people in Massachusetts had no electricity in their homes as far as on Sunday evening.
Transportation in the East Coast has been severely hampered. Six thousand flights have been canceled and 90 percent of flights scheduled for Saturday at Logan Airport in Boston and LaGuardia in Boston have been canceled.
Ten states are warning of possible heavy snowfall along with hurricanes and hurricanes.
In New York City, state Gov. Kathy Hochul said a snowmobile was being set up in parts of the state to repair roads after a snowstorm that covered New York City’s main square, where snow fell to 7.3 inches. never seen in the city.
The area with the most snow is Islip on Long Island.
Ms Hochul has hinted that the city is preparing to host the prestigious snowstorm, after a snowstorm of 24.7 inches.
But many parts of the city have avoided a major power outage, and New York City Mayor Eric Adams on Saturday said his city is tackling the problem of snowstorming effectively.
The incident has affected airlines across the United States, including the Johns International Airport authority. New York’s F. Kennedy issued a tweet announcing that flights were about to return slowly on Sunday.
However, more than 1,400 flights were canceled that day, and thousands more were delayed.
While doing so there in several colleges and towns across Massachusetts there was a power outage where more than 116,000 homes lost power on Saturday.
But state authorities returned fire in many parts of the city by Sunday morning, with most of the dead in Cape Cod.
Elsewhere in Massachusetts, some coastal towns received torrential rains, following severe snowstorms, which made the sea tense.
In Maine authorities have warned of strong winds, and the weather is still very cold.
On the island of Rhode, a curfew was lifted.
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