How to check the 2023 election results for each states.

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How to check election results for each states.

Independent National Electoral Commission INEC develop a platform where you can see the election results for each states in Nigeria.

The Inec established a website where you can see the election results for all the 36 states outcome from presidential election results to councillor.

This will enable those who lives Nigeria and outside Nigeria to easily see the election results which will begin counted in National Inect secretary Abuja.

If you need to join and see the election results follow the below link to register, you will be ask to put your phone number, Gmail, password etc

Click here


Click here

After it successfully open you will see “Create New Account” click here to and put your registered phone number, Gmail address and password, you will receive one time password from Gmail account you put copy and paste into the portal.

After that you will see the election results from each of states in Nigeria.

Wish you best of luck

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